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Call us on 01243 786366

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Opening hours
Sunday - 9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday - (Sabbath) Closed

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Opening hours
Sunday - 9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday - (Sabbath) Closed

Wall to wall health and organic wonders…

Our store

We firmly believe pure, natural, organic products and produce are much better for you than anything you can buy at your local supermarket. It’s because of that belief we stock wherever possible, products that are proven organic and are from trusted and reputable sources in all our departments. That means our products are as pure and natural as possible, with ingredients that are eco-friendly and definitely NO GM madness!

We are also delighted to be able offer a wide range of products to those that are on special diets such as gluten and dairy free. We have been amazed at the high quality and good old-fashioned tastiness!

When you are next in Chichester, why not pop in to the store, take a look around,
meet the staff and check out our departments stocked full of natural loveliness.

Our Departments

For more information on the departments in our store, click on the links below. The diagram on the right gives an indication of store layout.

Grocery - click

This is a big section and covers ALL packaged goods in store, it ranges from pasta to tea & and coffee, from seaweed to cleaning products, home baking ingredients and much much more. What we call Grocery is very diverse and some would say isn’t everything Grocery? Well to some extent that is true as the name has come a long way from the traditional local Grocery Store.

The principle is the same throughout the store though, you will find products that are produced without harmful preservatives and in their most natural state. Most of the products are certified Organic but not exclusively and we support many local suppliers who produce wonderful products with care. There are sub categories in our Grocery Department and here are a few.

We have fresh bread delivered daily from the award winning ‘Hungry Guest Bakery’ whose bakery is on the outskirts of Chichester. They deliver a wide ranges of loaves from 100% Spelt to a more local ‘Petworth loaf ‘ made from flour in the local district.

We have a weekly supply of freshly baked Gluten free bread from ‘Incredible Bakery’ and wow! it’s the best GF bread we have found. And we have been searching for a long time…

Picnic & Hamper
Penny & Robin supply locally baked goodies – yes, brownies to die for, walnut shortbread, mini cakes and more. We defy anyone not to fall in love with these, the quality is outstanding.

The Raw food movement still gains momentum and no more seen than in the snacks section with raw fruit bars, kale crisps, brownies and lots and lots of Raw Chocolate – Yes Yes Yes!

What is classified as Raw? It’s ingredients used that have not been heated over 45 degrees, keeping in all the rich nutrients and passing it on to our bodies.

There’s just too many things to list in the snacks ranges, you will have to pop in and have a browse, but here’s a few: halva, varieties of crisps - even seaweed crisps, protein bars, non-dairy chocolate, liquorice, fruit leathers…

There’s plenty to talk about in our drinks department as well. For a start, we have so many milk alternatives you’ll be spoiled for choice, from classic soya to hemp milk to quinoa milk. Everyone’s raving about it and it’s easy to see why once you’ve tried it!

If you want something you can just grab and go, take a look at our canned drinks. There are some delicious flavours of Whole Earth on offer, even a healthier cola! Or there’s the refreshing Pressé, perfect for enjoying with a picnic.

Even our water’s exciting! We have the locally-sourced South Downs water, or, from another local company, there’s Eco For Life, bottles made entirely from plant matter that’s completely biodegradable, so it’s better for the planet, and without the nasty plastic chemicals, it’s better for you too.

Supplements & Remedies - click

At Manuka Wholefoods we promote getting the vitamins, minerals, fibre, fatty acids and amino acids essential for optimum health from the food and drink we consume.There are times when we are deficient in a certain area and we simply need a boost to get the right levels in our bodies again.These can be times of stress or seasons in the year when we are susceptible to bugs and viruses or simply a lack of sunshine.
We stock an impressive variety of Supplements & Remedies that can assist and support the body. We have been careful in selecting the brands we supply. It’s important to us that supplements are produced with as limited amount of fillers as possible, substances that the body doesn’t need. The brands we stock, listed below have a good track record and reputation.

Giving advice: We always advise that you should consult with a qualified nutritional therapist or with a practitioner with a similar qualification when seeking guidance about a particular condition or ailment.

We are happy to advise what each supplement’s purpose is, but our shop policy to avoid any form of diagnosis. There is an array of experienced, wonderful local practitioners and we would be happy to pass on their details.

Dr Bach
Higher Nature
J L Bragg’s
Living Nutrition
Nature’s Answer
Nature’s Plus

Pharma Nord
Potter’s Herbal
Power Health
Schuessler Tissue Salts

Udo’s choice

Protein Powders
Alkalising Greens

Organic fruit & vegetables - click

It all begins with fruit and veg. At the heart of healthy eating, it’s about getting raw, organic fruit and vegetables, as pure and untampered as possible. Which is why all our fruit and veg is 100% certified Organic – which is not a guarantee a lot of places can offer. We don’t believe in offering you any less.

Most of our produce is delivered daily from Wayside Organics. It’s a local farm, just down the road in Oving, run by Bart and Debbie. Their fruit and veg is all 100% certified organic, and you can tell by the taste.

But of course, you can’t get everything locally all year round – unfortunately bananas don’t grow in the Witterings! But for everything else, there’s Parrish at Langridge Organics in London. They deliver on a Wednesday - 100% organic and they’re our source for the incredibly popular Sky Sprouts. If you haven’t heard of these yet, give them a try! They make a delicious, fantastically healthy salad topping or garnish, and they’re almost always sold out by the end of the week!

Chilled - click

We’re passionate about offering variety and quality in every area, no matter what your diet may call for. That’s why our Chilled section is overflowing with choice, almost all of it organic, and most locally sourced - just take our cheeses, for example. We have a fantastic range, from your everyday Cheddar to soft Molecomb Blue and Halloumi, sourced from down-to-earth, trustworthy suppliers like the local Goodwood Farm. If dairy’s not your thing, we have soft goats’ cheese and even sheep’s milk yogurt, a gentle dairy alternative that tastes great. Or, if you’re vegan, we have an incredible range of options including Violife, Vbites, Toffuti and Cheezly, covering everything from Cheddar to Parmesan to soft, spreadable cracker cheese alternatives.

Speaking of vegan alternatives, we have an amazing meat-alternative section. We have veggie burgers, soy sausages, and falafels if you’re looking for something delicious and easy to prepare for dinner, but, if you feel like getting creative, we also have a variety of tofu with herbs and spices and a range of tempeh, so you can experiment and find your favourites.

If you’re looking to treat your stomach, we have kefir; a great way to give your digestive system a helping hand. There’s kefir milk, kefir yogurt, and we’ve even got a vegan kefir drink, made with coconut milk so it’s good for your taste buds as well. If you want to go a little more hands-on, we’ve got starter cultures, so you can make your own.

We also have a range of raw, live sauerkraut, including some tempting flavours like beetkraut or sweet & smokey kimchi kraut.

And if you’re just looking to treat yourself – or someone you love – we’ve got you covered. There’s a wide range of yogurt for everyday treats, Vrai chocolate dessert made with sheep’s milk, or for something extra-special, there are fridge pies, raw fudge and chocolate bites, and the ever-popular Booja-Booja truffles; gluten and dairy free, they’re a moreish treat almost everyone can enjoy.

Bodycare - click

We stock the highest quality Bodycare products available. The brands we sell are carefully selected and we look for plant-based natural ingredients, fragrances from essential oils with non harmful natural preservatives. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body through eating. When we ingest food, our livers and kidneys filter out impurities but when products come in contact with our skin topically, an element will filter into the bloodstream. We therefore consider it vital that nothing harmful is in our Bodycare ranges.

Not only do we care about the impact on the environment but also that there has been no product testing on animals.

Skincare/Haircare Brands
Alba Botanica
Avalon Organics
Dr Bronner
Dr Hauschka
Faith in Nature
Green People
Nature’s Greatest Secret
Neal’s Yard
Rio Rosa Mosqueta
Salt of the Earth

Healing Creams
Aloe Pura
A. Vogel
Barefoot SOS

Oral Care Brands
Aloe Dent
A Vogel
Dr Bronner’s
Manuka Health
Nature’s Answer
Splat Blackwood

Frozen products - click

We believe that promising people healthy, honest options should be important in every department; which means no slacking in the frozen department either! We also believe that your dietary needs shouldn’t affect your right to hearty, delicious food. Which is why, even in our frozen goods section, you’ll find a great range of food to take your fancy. For example, our variety of great-tasting vegan sausages in exciting flavours, or our extensive range of pies, including gluten free and vegan options, to suit everyone’s needs. In the mood for something more exotic? We have a great-tasting Moroccan Tagine or a Thai Veg curry, or if you’re just after a classic base to any vegetarian meal, there’s always Quorn pieces, or Fry’s vegetarian polony.

And for the meat-eaters, we’re excited to introduce our new range of organic, grass-fed produce from the local Goodwood farm. At Goodwood, they’re truly passionate about the quality of their meat, and the impact their farming has on the environment, which is why they use no pesticides or fertilisers, to preserve the ecosystem and ensure that the meat they offer is the finest quality.

So that’s dinner sorted, how about dessert? We have a great range of ice cream, from little tubs that you can have to yourself, to bigger family tubs. Which you could still have all to yourself, but we think it’s better shared! Our favourite brand is Booja-Booja; dairy free and free from refined sugar, it’s not quite good for you but it’s as close as ice cream gets! It’s a great after-dinner treat on its own, but it goes just as well with a slice of our gluten-free apple crumble!

Wine & Beer - click

We believe that even your favourite tipple should be held to as high a standard as everything else we sell. It's very important to us that every product is accompanied by appropriate organic certification. In this way, you can be absolutely confident that anything you buy from us meets the necessary legal requirement to be called 'organic'. That’s why we’ve carefully sourced the best wines and beers from who we think are the best providers around.

Goodwood farms give us our lovely, locally-brewed Ale and Lager. Brewed in conjunction with Horsham’s traditional brewery, using Goodwood’s home-grown barley and hops, these are fantastic for enjoying with a barbecue or at a festival.

Mason & Mason have grown from humble beginnings, into a supplier who deals with over 60 growers worldwide, importing the best authentic, traditional wines. They believe in the same standards that we do – offering customers the best-tasting wines, with a minimum of chemical tampering and a maximum quality.

Vintage Roots supplies and promote the benefits of organic wines and its other organic drinks ranges. Since 1986 they have traded solely in wines that are of the highest authentic quality, originating from low impact producers that actively sustain and enrich their environments. Many of their wines are low- or no-sulphites, which means they’re more gentle on the stomach, and all of the wines we stock from them are vegetarian or vegan.

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